Assessing Global Competency

1. Where to begin:  I use this Global Education Checklist by Fred Czarra to assess my school's work towards global competency regularly.  It really helps me find curricular strengths and weaknesses in general and see where it is I want to go.  I plan on using this checklist with my Global Studies curriculum teams to generate discussion about gaps in our programs at our high school.  Warning: This checklist is incredibly comprehensive and may make your work feel inadequate.  Remember that global ed is a journey, not a race.

2. Global Competence Rubrics: EdSteps developed global competence matrices for ELA, Math, Social Sciences, Science, and World Languages available here. "The main Global Competence matrix provides detail about the overall definition of Global Competence and how it might be demonstrated by students. The six content-area matrices supplement the main matrix with additional information and perspectives relevant to each content area and its objectives and offer teachers and students a way to look at global competence through the different content area lenses" (EdSteps).  Below is the global competence matrix for ELA:
3. Create a Graduate Profile that includes global citizenship.  Check out this graduation profile from Fairfax County Schools:

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